3rd International PNAAF Collaborative Conference

by: Karen Cendana

The 3rd International PNAAF Collaborative Conference launched withan awe! There were about 30 delegates from the United States joined the event. Proud to say that it was well attended by SCR delegates like Merlita Velasquez, Romeo Devera, Dr. Danet Lapiz-Bhlum, Glenise Perez, Ted  Ray-Llasos, Dr. Luz Llasos, Gina Shankar, Jose Gene Danugrao and Michelle Cendana.  


The planning of this event is truly phenomenal! The delegates were warmly greeted at the airport with a unique Kapizeneo hospitality by Filamer Christian University representatives with a beautifully handmade capiz shell necklace as welcome lei.

The Educational Forum held at Filamer Christian University is impressive. Majority of the SCR delegates,  the speakers are Romeo Devera (SCIP), Dr. Danet Lapiz-Bhlum (PTSD), Jose Gene Danugrao (ER Triage), Michelle Cendana (Interventional Radiology) and Dr. Luz Llasos (Going Back to the Garden). The presence of our beloved Phoebe Andes among the speakers made the group complete.


The Filamer Christian University from faculty, planning committee and students are remarkable. They made this forum intellectually enticing to all. The nursing students are attentive and very inquisitive. Seeing these future nurses is truly inspiring to all of us to share our knowledge and expertise.

The Feeding Program

The PNAAF represented by Araceli D. Antonio, Ferdie Luyun, Norma Luyun, Ted Llasos, Luz, Llasos, Ernie Rosas and Beth Rosas with FCU Dean Nelly Guillen, faculty and students served the community of Roxas City by feeding the children nutritious chicken rice soup with malungay and distributed dental care supply. To promote health and wellness to these young children. 


The group is very much treasured by the community, the small children rendered them a special dance which the PNAAF President Ernie Rosas and the First Lady Beth Rosas joined them. 

Roxas City Tour

The Capizeneo generosity is extended by Roxas City Governor Victor A. Tanco, by providing the US delegates a free Roxas City Tour. The tour guided shared pertinent and fascinating history of Roxas.


The trip started with luncheon at Coco Veranda located at Lawis, Baybay. A well-known seafood restaurant in town visited by famous politicians and celebrities.


The delegates enjoyed collecting seashells by the seashore, ordering live sea foods and devouring their chosen freshly cooked seafood while being mesmerized by beauty of nature surrounding them.


This moment gave all the attendees an opportunity to get to know their new found friendship with the representatives from Filamer Christian University in Roxas City. Numerous groupie pictures annunciating their collaborative friendship.

Interview with the Press


During our luncheon at Coco Veranda PNAAF President Ernie Rosas, FCU Dean Nelly Guillen and Ferdinand Luyun   was interviewed by the local press.


Visit to Sta. Monica Church


The tour of the oldest church in Pan-ay Sta. Monica Church was spiritually captivating, especially when few delegates were only allowed to climb the steep steps towards the one of the oldest bell in Southeast Asia.  Being on the top of the church bell tower is breathtaking and a blessed experience of a lifetime.


Merienda on a Bamboo Raft at Palina Eco-Park


Another unique experience in Roxas City is that our merienda was serve on a floating bamboo raft with massage therapists and mani-pedicure services on board. We are given a luxury of time to relax and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

Fellowship Night at Filamer Christian University


This is the celebration of the 2015 PNAAF Collaborative Conference with Filamer Christian University. The PNAAF delegates are warmly welcomed by the FCU President Domingo J. Diel and Roxas City Vice-Governor Nonoy Contreras. It is another well-prepared occasion by the FCU working committee. Once again, FCU students dance troupe rendered a heartwarming ballroom dance and we are serenaded by his Excellency Vice-Governor Contreras.


In return, the PNAAF delegates surprised the crowd with a line dance.We can truly concluded, it is a “Night to Remember”.


The Governor's Night


The welcoming night was captivating, Roxas City Governor Victor A. Tanco personally welcomed the PNAAF US delegates and the Filamer Christian University working committee impressed us with their delectable seafood dinner and an amazing Filipino Cultural presentation during the “Laragway Capiznon”.


The 2015 Collaborative Conference


The 3rd PNAAF International Collaborative Conference entitled “Changing Healthcare Systems: Opportunities in Nursing Practice and Leadership” on January 22-23, 2015 held at Kapis Mansion in Banica, Roxas City is well attended by approximately 300 students and 100 professional nurses from different universities all over the Philippines. PNAAF Planning Committee headed by Araceli D. Antonio, Dr. Chris Sorongon and Ted Ray Llasos with FCU committee leaders provided a powerhouse cast speakers for 2 days and an exquisite event host Cyrus Alcala. This occasion is an intellectually memorable occasion.


The opening ceremony on the 1st day of conference was intense with beginning with the processional and entrance of colors.

The FCU Chorale intensified the moment when they fervently sang the Philippine National Anthem and Capiz Hymn.


The welcoming addresses of PNAAF President Ernie Rosas and FCU President Domingo J. Diel, Jr. are very inspirational to all participants.


This conference enticed everyone with its notable speakers from day 1, Dr. Thankam Sunil, Ph.D., MPH (Maternal and Child Health Issues in Developing Country), Dr. Danet Lapiz-Bluhm, Ph.D, RN (Mental Health Issues following Trauma Exposure), Primitivo Paypon, Jr. (The Dream Project), Aisa Mijeno (Sustainable Alternative Lighting technology), John Paul E. Maunes (Bridging the Deaf & Hearing) and Dr. Chris Sorongon (Synthesis & Curiosity Workshop). The topics are intellectually informative and innovative.


On the 2nd day the speakers gave us new insights in different health care scenarios by Dr. Annabelle Borromeo (Using Patient Safety Organization to Promote Quality, Safety, & Efficiency in Health Care), Dr. Dula Pacquiao (The US Affordable Health Care Act), Dr. Ryan Guinaran (Doctors for Indigenous Health & Culturally Competent Training Education Networking and Governance), Dr. Rebecca Grabosa (Cardiovascular Diseases), Guia Caliwagan (Developing a Regulatory Decision Pathway), Dr. Luz Llasos (Holistic Approach to the Care of Elderly), Michelle Cendana (Interventional Radiology) and Araceli Antonio (End of Life: Ethical Issues, Planning and Care).


We are thankful to our PNAAF Leaders, Dr. Chris Sorongon and FCU Leaders for without their collaborative efforts this event will be impossible.


A special thanks to our vibrant and invigorating host Cyrus Alcala for the delightful entertainment you brought us throughout the entirety of this event. This is the first for us but definitely not the last!



Governor Tanco, Greg Dellota and SCR Delegates

Exceptionally talented FCU Student Dance Troupe

The PNAAF Collaborative Speakers.

Marathon Participants

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