STATE of the Foundation Address

PNAAF Board of Trustees

2017 - 2019


Trustee Officers



Merlita Velasquez, BSN, RN


Vice President

Amuerfina Castro, MA, RN-BC, (Ret.)



Nancy Hoff, BSN, MSN, RN


Assistant Secretary

Luz Newell, RNP



Martha Cabarios, BSN, RN


Assistant Treasurer

Lorna Seidel, PhD, RN, CNS



Alice Andam, BSN, RN


Executive Director

Aniceta Vista, PhD, RN



Sally Ani, RN

Danet Bluhm, PhD, RN

Mindy Carlay, BSN, RN

Rosario Estrada, DNP, RN,-BC, CPN

Maria Rosario Gonzales

Gilda Lauchli, BSN, RN

Ferdinand Luyun, BSN, RN

Leonila Mariazeta, MA, RN, Med, CCRN, BC

Vilma Ortiz, MSN, RN

Tita Ravi, MN, RN, CCM

Tina Salvador, BSN, RN

Bessie Schiroky, BSN, RN, CCRN

Wilmar Suan, CPA



Phoebe Andes, MA, RN

Araceli Antonio, MSN, RN

Ernesto Rosas, BSN, RN


Founder, CE Administrator

Peter Reuben Calixto, BSN, RN


Legal Counsel

Rev. Arnedo Valera, Esq.

Happy New Year to all PNAAF Trustees and Advisers, and your families and loved ones. Wishing you all the best throughout the year. I pray and wish you all what I also wish for myself – Happiness, Peace, Good Health and lots of unconditional love. Material things come secondary and a bonus and we are thankful of what God has gifted us and entrusted us to share, career, wisdom and wealth.

I thank the Lord for all of you, can’t ask for any better people to work with (Dino included). You all gave me the privilege of sharing what PNAAF Trustees can do for our PNAA community. You gave me the courage and confidence to express and exemplify what good the Foundation Trustees can do and share to our PNAA organization.

I sincerely thank you for a fruitful and successful year in 2017, you supported me and together we did the following:

  • In January 2017 we conducted a successful and historical 4th Collaborative Conference in Bicol region. Historical in the sense that for the first time, the two Presidents, PNAA President Dino Doliente III and PNAAF President joined and supported our biennial educational outreach program, a visible show of strong collaboration bridged between the two organizations.

  • The last week of January some BOTs and PNAA members joined the Medical Surgical Mission of Texas (MSMT) and worked with us in conducting Medical mission in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines for 4 days.

  • We performed hundreds of surgeries, both major and minor, and thousands of outpatient medical clinics, distributed free medicines, reading glasses, pencil, paper and candies to school kids.

  • Had power point presentations at the North Central (NCR) and South Central (SCR) regional conferences to PNAA members regarding The Dream, The Promise of a Legacy Headquarters for PNAA/PNAAF.

  • During these events we had the opportunity to distribute the survey and get responses regarding consensus of having the building (90% of the respondent approved having a building/HQ) and the location was selected to be in New Jersey.

  • BOTs attended other events in Cincinnati, OH, Miami, FL, Cameron County, TX, South Texas-Rio Grande Valley, TX campaigning and soliciting for the Legacy Building.

  • We were successful in soliciting financial donors/sponsors for the Legacy Building in all these events.

  • CE Administrator Pete Calixto upgraded to Jotform software for CE applications to make it user friendly  to Chapter users

  • VP Amor Castro and members of the P&P Committee added needed policies and procedures to meet the current needs and guidelines for PNAAF

PNAAF Board of Trustees 2017-2019 Election

  • July 2017 during the 38th PNAA National Convention aboard the Oasis of the Seas, PNAAF held a gracious and grand Induction of Officers and new Board of Trustees for 2017-2019.
    Thank you very much for electing me as PNAAF President for my second term. And thank you to the finely selected group of newly inducted officers and trustees.
    It was an event to remember, orchestrated by past PNAA President Victoria Navarro in collaboration with CE Administrator Pete Calixto.
    Our sincere gratitude to PNAA President Dino Doliente and host Chapter PNACF President Manny Ramos for graciously allowing us to conduct a pompous induction event.
    And the best thing happened: PNAA President Dino Doliente III and the Executive Board, and PNAA membership presented PNAAF BOTs a giant replica of a $100,000 check as donation to the Legacy Building. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much PNAA.

  • Right after the induction of the 2017-2019 BOTs, the Building and Development Committee, chaired by Dr. Annie Vista and her team members created the New Jersey Team led by VP Amor Castro, with Phoebe Andes, Dr. Rose Estrada, and Leonie Mariazeta.

  • NJ Chapter leaders were solicited to help, Dr. Leo Jurado, Dr. Becky Graboso, Dr. Rose Rosales, PNAA President-elect Madelyn Yu, Belle Villafuerte as Site and Building Search Team. Thank you for your great efforts and commitment to do the physical search despite your busy schedule of work and responsibilities at home and the undesirable weather condition.

  • The NJ search team was ready to show the 2 properties from the variety of buildings they have visited

  • On the second week of October, I was attending a business meeting at Las Vegas for 3 days. I decided to cancel my flight home and booked a flight to NJ and take a physical visit on the properties, but not without the help of Trustee Gilda Lauchli who has the experience and knowledge of building construction.

  • Thank you Gilda for agreeing (without second thoughts) to meet at New Jersey Airport to be picked up by no other than the past PNAA President Dr. Leo Jurado. We stayed at Phoebe’s famous house for 3 days. Thank you Phoebe.

  • The 2 properties partly met the criteria imposed and sought the help of the real estate agent for more to see but was not ready for any. Luckily, the seller agent for one of the properties shown had more properties to show and Gilda and I spent one whole day looking at 7 properties.

  • Basing on the criteria, Gilda and I identified the building located at 250 Old New Brunswick Rd Piscataway, NJ 08854 as the most appropriate and meeting 90% of the criteria and need of a legacy HQ.

  • In November at Eastern Regional conference, a power point was presented to ER PNAA members pictures of the purported legacy building, an office condo 2500 SF open space, lots of parking spaces, accessible from airport, unused – open building, good commercial environment, ability to build out interiors according to our needs at $150 per square feet, total cost of $375,000.00 cash payment.

  • It was positively received by the attendees.

  • Verbalized speculations on the pros and cons of buying the 2500 SF vs 5000 SF to ED Annie Vista and PNAA President Dino Doliente, and proceeded to take the risk of negotiating to buy the whole 5000 SF for $625,000.00 cash payment thru our real estate agent.

  • Awaiting decision from the property owners.

  • PNAA President Dino Doliente is seeking approval for an additional $125,000.00 donation from PNAA coffers to cover the projected negotiated price of $625,000.00 for the Legacy HQ.

  • Structure and Logistics for the 5K Run was formed for the 39th National Convention to be hosted by PNANJ, chaired by Trustee Tita Ravi, with help from Trustees Dr. Lorna Seidel, Dr. Rose Estrada, Ferdie Luyun (Website Committee), Vilma Ortiz, Martha Cabarios, Luz Newell and Tina Salvador.

  • In collaboration with PNAA Ways and Means Chair Nancy Walch and Linda Gonzales, Hedda Gonzales, Vivian Sanderlin and Justin Ford.

  • PNANJ host chapter President Becky Graboso, Belle Villafuerte, Rino Alcantara

  • The 4 RVPs and COPRRs.

  • 5K Run online registration is open the first week of January 2018 in the PNAAF website (

  • Website Committee continues to update and “spruce” up the PNAAF website contents – chaired by Dr. Lorna Seidel and Dr. Rose Estrada, Ferdie Luyun.

These and more are done with everyone’s support and cooperation, not only with your wisdom and physical presence but financial and spiritual support for our Organization.


May we continue our strong and fraternal relationship with humility and fortitude, respect and forgiveness, commitment and due diligence as PNAAF Trustees.


Let us look forward to a bright and productive 2018.


God bless us all.

Merlita Velasquez

PNAAF President, 2017-2019

Marathon Participants

2020 pnaa/pnaaf 

5K challenge

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