Legacy Headquarter Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Blessiing

Philippine Nurses Association of America and
Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation Legacy Headquarters


Owning a permanent home and headquarters has been a long time dream of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) and the Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation (PNAAF). This year, 2018, the dream became a reality; a legacy to the Filipino Nurses.  The headquarters is located at 1346 How Lane, North Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901.

Blessing and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Sunday, July 29, 2018.  It is the last event during the 39th PNAA National Convention and PNAAF Annual F2F Conference. It was attended by the delegates who came from various parts of the country.  The program included the welcome and introduction by PNAAF Secretary Nancy Hoff as emcee of the program, followed by the invocation done by Dr. Marie Couper, one of the founding PNAAF Trustees, opening remarks by PNAAF President Merlita Velasquez, then greetings by the PNAAF Founding President Phoebe Andes. 

There was a ceremonial bequeathal of the Key and an acceptance message by PNAA President Dino Doliente III, followed by the champagne toast led by PNAA President-elect Madelyn Yu, and finally the thank you message by PNAAF Executive Director Aniceta Vista.

The ribbon cutting and signing of the Key Bequeathal were done by the Presidents of the two associations. The blessing of the building was done by Deacon Roger Ladao. 

The sumptuous lunch annual picnic was held after, courtesy of host Chapter PNANJ and its subchapters.

Why New Jersey

Feedback from the members was strongly considered.  PNAAF Executive Director and Chairman of the Building and Development Committee Aniceta Vista drafted a Survey Monkey Questionnaire indicating if the members approved purchasing a building as well as the State location. The survey was published in the PNAAF website, and sent to all PNAA Chapter Presidents for distribution to their members. It was also presented and distributed during the Regional and Annual Conferences. The survey was conducted for a period of two years.

The results showed that the members want to own a building with the projected cost of $500,000, and the State of Choice is New Jersey. However, due to the relatively higher real estate prices in New Jersey, the building cost more than the result of the survey.

Search for the Building

The Building and Development Committee assigned a New Jersey Team to search for the building. The team consisted of Amuerfina Castro (PNAAF Vice President, NJ Team Lead), Rosario Estrada (PNAAF Trustee), Leonila Mariazeta (PNAAF Trustee), Rebecca Graboso (PNANJ President), Leo-Felix Jurado (PNAA  Past President), Madelyn Yu (PNAA President- elect), Rose Rosales ( PNA NJ President- elect), and Phoebe Andes ( Adviser).

The New Jersey Team drafted the criteria and guideline, presented and approved by the Officers and Trustees of the PNAAF.

Fund Raising Activities

Intensive capital fund raising campaign was launched during the term of PNAAF Past Presidents Araceli Antonio and Ernesto Rosas. The Founding Member Initiative (FMI) was used to encourage donors to give their tax deductible donations. The 5K Run/Walk event was a joint activity between PNAA, PNAAF, and the PNAA Annual Convention Chapter Host. The distribution of the net income was originally 33.3% each for the PNAA, PNAAF, and the legacy Building maintenance. During the Presidency term of Leticia Hermosa, the distribution was changed to 70% for PNAA and 30% for PNAAF

The PNAAF Presidents attended the National and Regional conferences, and some PNAA Chapter inductions to present the campaign during their Leadership Institute Day, which is also funded by PNAAF. It took some strategies, baby steps and more time for PNAAF to solicit and convince generous donors and sponsors for the building fund, to support the project. However, when Dino Doliente III started his term in 2016, he fully understood and embraced the project. He included it in his agenda and facilitated with his Executive Board (EB) the PNAA Donation of a $100,000 check given during the PNAA Cruise annual convention. When the need to have additional funds to purchase more spacious square footage for the building arose, he, with the approval of the PNAA EB, issued another $125,000.    

PNAAF President Merlita Velasquez expounded the Legacy Tree donors to $2,500 (Gold) and $5,000 (Green) Leaf, and introduced the $10,000 Council of Trustees sponsorship. Donations payable to PNAAF could be tax exempt deduction for the donors. Through substantial donation from PNAA and voluntary collective efforts from generous donors and sponsors, the goal was met in 2018.

Use of the Legacy Headquarters

The Legacy building will house the permanent corporate address and headquarters of the PNAA and PNAAF. It will be used as the address when applying for funding and grants. Due to the proximity and location, PNANJ and its subchapters may conveniently use it for their meetings and inductions, continuing educational programs and other related functions. Likewise, other Regional and State Chapters have this option too. It will be a place to keep the PNAA and PNAAF historical documents, items, materials, and records.

Submitted by: 
Amuerfina Castro, M.A., RN-BC ( Ret.)
Vice President, PNAA Foundation
Assigned Lead, Search of the Legacy Building

Marathon Participants

2020 pnaa/pnaaf 

5K challenge

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