PNAA $100K Donation for the PNAA/PNAAF Legacy Building
Message from the PNAA President

Dear Tita Merlie, Tita Annie and the rest of the PNAAF BOTs:


I came across these momentous pictures and I thought of sending it to all of you for sentimental value. In line with this, I would like to thank all of you again for having that vision and for working so hard unselfishly to fulfill that vision.


I appreciate everything that you continue to do and looking forward to the realization of the PNAA/PNAAF Legacy Building. PNAA will finally have a place we can call our home. FYI, we’re already reserving some time during the 5-day 2018 New Jersey National Convention for the much-anticipated Ribbon Cutting of our home. #iPNAA #ShinePNAAShine


Take care and looking forward to seeing you all again during November 2017 ER Conference in Baltimore and the January 2018 Global Summit/INC in Manila.

Dino Doliente III

PNAA President

Marathon Participants

2020 pnaa/pnaaf 

5K challenge

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